Sarah Jones

We had a fabulous time with Augustine and his driver Junior. We were three, myself (36years) and my parents (mid-70s), and had arranged the trip via email, with Augustine providing us with different itineraries but then on the day itself we had plenty of flexibility to do and see what was best, given my father’s struggles to walk.

Augustine and junior picked us up at our hotel in Oyster Bay then we drove to the fish market which was incredible (despite my reservations!), so bustling and active, then we walked through different interests points in the centre of Dar, to Kariakoo market, and then onwards for an afternoon to Bagamoyo. It was a full, full day, but felt very relaxed.

The best thing about the trip was Augustine’s deep knowledge, passion, and openness to share his insights into Tanzania – that was the real bonus and why we chose to go with Augustine compared to a larger tour operator. He was great fun to hang out with and will always make a plan!

The only thing we would have changed was to reduce the time at Kaolo and have more time in Bagamoyo, but given that it had been a spontaneous extension to Bagamoyo we didn’t do too badly.

Also enjoyed reading about the day on Augustine’s blog afterwards, made us all chuckle when back home in the UK and South Africa.