Zanzibar New Year Program

On the first wake call of Monday 31st December 2018 energetic travelers meeting for the first time at Azam Ferry. The feeling was kindly different per individual of which some fell this is it. The love of traveling was the thing that brought all together. In the next two hours of bumpy sea they all made it to the pearl shores of Unguja, Zanzibar.


I was humbled to welcome a group of 20 men and women travemanics and walked them down the mazes of reddish walls as we toil feet to Market Backpackers; a hostel at Darajani Market. The staff here are more  than perfectly good, they listen and adapt in everything. In deed it was challenge to handle all of us. They had to compromise things,, the bed allotment was heck perks of adventurous life.

This Monday after breakfast with rainy stone town was followed with the town tour given by Mr. Issa. He was knowledgeable passionate on  the things he do. We walked to East African Slave Trade Exhibition also an Anglican church. This place has the darkest history  that is preserved for generation to come and learn. The spice tour was next.

On New year eve we drove to Kendwa, North West for their full moon part. It was more than awesome to be there. The people  were amazing, music dancers and the fireworks display. Next day we spent at Prison Island, and was more than worth it. We swam on shallow pool beach around at ow tied, ate french flies and carbonated drinks.

LAstly we had pizza kuku night! This was more than adventure but a life memory to keep and friendship to preserve.

Below is a quick gallery, more HDs pictures will be added.