The Moshi Kili Vibe Tour stands for an amazing road trip that our team together with other three friends took to visit Moshi town, Kilimanjaro Region. This program took place from February 1st 2019 to February 3rd 2019. We drove for 10 hours from Dar es salaam to Moshi.


Our key host was Mr.Nicas who runs an educational center with a Nursery school. He is a notable society man, and a born leader and very inspiring person. With him we set plans and he introduced us to many others including our Kilimanjaro Guide Mr.Martin who has 35 years of experience on the area.

We left Dar es salaam evening of Friday February 1st to Moshi region. We arrived late at night but we were so excited for the next morning. On February 2nd we visit the Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park. We enjoyed the vast rainforest, the beautiful flora and fauna together coexisting. We made a hike to the Lauwo Waterfalls.


These waterfalls are named after Mr. Lauwo who was the first African to ever climb and summit the Mt. Kilimanjaro. The waterfalls are 20 meters high at the elevation of 2005 Mls. Later on this day we went back to Moshi town and see it outside our cab window.


In 3rd February we drove through TPC Sugar Plantation Farms and went through reddish dust road only to discover the thrilling Kikuletwa Hot Spring also known as Chemka. The place is magical to believe that it sit at the mid of semidesert bared land. We spent the whole day before leaving for Dar es salaam on the same day.

Below are the pictures of how things went.