Kuza Cave With Mr. and Mrs. Hermel


Whether you are in a group or solo traveling on a magical Island of Zanzibar, Kuza Cave deserves to be in your bucket list. As its popular renowned as the Spice Island, Zanzibar holds some of the important natural – authentic places that deserves a visit; and Kuza Cave is one of those places.

Tanzania Travel Diary embarked to feature the cave with a highly reputed guide – Mr. Natty who is a famous singer dancer and some call him even “Natty Google” since he knows everything including the hidden gems of the Island.

Kuza Cave currently runs a Culture Center offering unique experiences for people seeking authentic local interactions and an insight into the importance of sacred caves in both local history and the broader story of our first ancestors from Tanzania. The facility has a interactive archaeology researcher anytime. Additionally they have daily dance and drum lessons at 5 pm and on Tuesday nights when we have a traditional dance performance at 7:30 pm also a chance to learn how to cook swahili dishes is offered.

Kuza Cave is a 10 minute walk from the beach and village of the Kibigija in northern Jambiani on the East Coast of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, Africa. At the base of the cave there is a crystal clear pool made from the underground water table. Swimming in the healing mineral waters is an unforgettable experience. Dozens of Red Colobus Monkeys visit the small jungle around the cave most days, usually late in the afternoon.

The important fact is this project aid at supporting the local community. They have a Kuza women Group Project so feel happy to shop from their duty shop  in Zanzibar as made by locals and hear their stories as they tell you.

On this expedition we were joined by Eden and Eden – Do not get confused though. These human beings are funny to hangout with, so as a guide and writer I felt connected. It was a lovely day, will later share the whole story on how we spent a week with Natty from Natty Crew.

From Left; Augustine, Eden Hermel and Eden Rosenthal.

More details on Kuza, Check their website here and read their reviews here