60 Trees Planted By Tanzania Travel Diary!

Tanzania Travel Diary is a travel community made of mainly locals in Tanzania, East Africa. While her leaders are hustling tour guiders as well for tourists, the community has been promoting local tourism and building a sustainable tourism spirit among fellow countrymen.

Using social media, Tanzania Travel Diary publishes daily contents for inspiration as well as designing monthly end tour programs to visit different attractions in Tanzania. They community spirit is growing to start exploring even outside Tanzania From January 2020.

During March 29th to 31st! Tanzania Travel Diary organised and eco tour to visit Lushoto Town in West Usambara Mountain Plains, about 1500m above sea level. The program featured a total of nine (9) travelers.

This program theme was to support eco tourism and leave a positive impact to the community. In achieving this despite hiking to the Irente view; the team made amazing contribution to the Mother Nature.

On Saturday March 30th 2019 at Ubiri Secondary School Despite Heavy Rainfall, we planted 60 trees around the school surrounding. The species planted were Pines, Griveria and Eucalyptus Trees. The school maangement and staff were doing graduation and they didn’t fully participate. However the goal was met and we are proud of what we did.

And On Sunday March 31st the team stopped at Soni Falls and cleaned the surrounding area by collecting all plastic bottles and nylon papers. This was seen as unusual act and we positively believe locals to have learnt why we did it. We believe into free plastic world.

Well that is much of what we did! We are happy to keep traveling and tour guiding as well! Reach Us on +255769278878 (Augustine) to learn on things we can do together as well as joining our community!

Here below is a Teaser of our documentary for the program coming soon.

We are all grateful to Our Guide Mr. Rogers from Tupande Usambara as well as to Mr. Kisavoi and everyone at Tupande Usambara for their generous support toward the program! We did this together.

High Quality Resolution Pictures Will Be shared In our Portfolio Page Soon. Meanwhile follow us on Instagram @traveldiarytz and enjoy the contents.