101 Scuba Diving With Cool Divers Kiwengwa.


Supposedly you already heard about thousands reasons to visit Zanzibar Island. All the praises on the beach, weather and people’s hospitality topping the list, watersports and activities is something you would not like to miss. While in Zanzibar be sure you go out to sea side and enjoy a wide selection of activities from snorkeling to scuba diving.
Last December with my clients then; Yasmir and Robin we took off from Dar es salaam cruising bumpy see to the Unguja Shores. After the relaxed itinerary on first day, then on December 30th 2018 we went for what was my first scuba dive and would love to give you a 101 details.

Flying Boat At Shore | Cool Divers and Bikers

Partnered with Cool Divers Kiwengwa was more than a comforty from the first contact to the excursion day. We stayed in contact with Madam Gosia for months. On the dive day as we traveled from stone town it took us 90 minutes and that morning was a bit rainy. We arrived at the beach site property, where the cool divers and bikers stays. Also they do integrate the flying boat as well.

A Cool Biker Driver
A Stop IN A Village

Honestly were over excited and we were the first guests of the day, later minibuses and private transport came with more people to join the excursion. In 1 hour everyone was there, we paid and got into Cool Divers Mini Van and we went to Muyuni Beach right in front of Mnemba Island.
The diving part now was amazing, the staff trainers were great and did their best. It was challenging at first but well Hakuna Matata, so we managed. For me it was my first time and I did it all the way through. I had a trainer to guide me and help me.
Below is a gallery on few things that we saw;






For Booking; Madam Gosia +4915758230476 (WhatsApp Only) or zanzibarcenter@gmx.de also you can visit http://www.zanzibarcooldivers.com
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