Rutasingwa’s Seasonal Greetings!

It has been my custom for the past four years to write a public message to give seasonal greetings and to say few things of accomplishments.

However this year greetings will be different, back in 2014 I used to write about my academic success, the love with my classmates and then in 2015 I wrote about skateboarding when I and my friends Usam Ahmed and Gideon Lyimo travelled to South Africa for the first African Skateboarding Championships organized by the WSF under Mr. Tim McFerran .

In 2016 it was a bit downfalls year and again in 2017 I visited South Africa and Ghana in February and December respectively because of Skateboarding and special thanks to the Chris Van Der Merwe and Everyone at Christian Skaters Africa.

2018 began with me venturing into tourism an idea pitched to me by Richaela from Skaters Chick when we visited Bagamoyo in 2017 December. So when I came back from Ghana, I opened a travel blog and started publishing cool articles and many of which were read by many people 5000+ so far.

As am writing today I have worked with more than 30 friends as I like to call them from United States, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Israel, France, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil and fellow Tanzanians.

This might sounds inspiring to some and yet brag to others. I am happy of this success because they made who I am. I met great people because of writing about Tanzania and loving my country. Now this all idea is on transformation to become a Business brand by January 2019.

But this doesn’t mark my successful achievement yet! Well you should know as I am pro believer in Children and Youth. I was able to be part of @TEDxOysterbay as a speaker and my talk on “Social Media and Tomorrow World” is on TEDxTalk YouTube Channel. Thanks to Nancy Iraba and Jerry Mang’ena for the Opportunity and to Rebecca and Catherinerose for their curation energy and am bowing down to all men and women who were revolutionists part of the program.

Pretty much 2018 has been about me and travels. Met friends whom we became family; my brother Natty and Festo Caspian. There are so many peoppe to mention along the way; Juma Carlos, Khamis, Arnold Tibaijuka and everyone I met because of what I do.

Into personal life, there is nothing to write.

Into leadership I was among Presidential Candidate and later I agree to become Prime Minister under University Students’ Government. I am proud of the team I have been working with. We have accomplished great things together.

And now am sorry to the people I purposely or unaware hurt, disappoint, betrayed or broke their heart. I am not Angel, so I fell into the temptations of being fresh human. 2018 has been a long year to everyone and these differences were part of it all, lets spearhead into 2019 with our head high.

Finally, I would like to wish each and everyone of you nice Christmas Celebration and Happy New 2019.

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A. Rutasingwa

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