10 Travel Apps You Should Have

Busy as usual at Kariakoo Market in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

For the very first time; we are bringing a neutral content article that would not only focus on Tanzania. This article address most important things for travelers around the world. We are happy to digest why these ten mobile Apps/Website are important to you as a traveler.

Understanding how hectic it is to plan a perfect Holiday on vacation, honeymoon or an escape of peace form overwhelming work shifts. You probably need these to even discover great destinations closer than you thought, and some of these may even help you to save money and travel cheaper. If you are excited to learn all these, now let us discover these apps together.


1. TripAdvisor

Reaching 350 Million Visitors and Users a Month; TripAdvisor stands a number App and Website you should use especially when planning your travel. The coomunity is the most best online source with in depth reviews of hotels, restaurants and various attractions given by other travelers as well. The biggest problemm is some owners pay or give discounts to get great positive reviews. However using the forum on particular country destination will help to digest your travel; share your itnierary and let others help you with ideas as well.


2. Booking.com

Now another thing that gives headache is a place to stay. Booking.com with their loyalty program gives you great offers to limited places and the deal of the day sale. After several successful bookings, you will earn a genius badge into program offering 10% off on starting to even 50% depending on the travel dates.


3. Kayak.com

So now you know the place to stay and where to go, you need flights at a time. Kayak gives you the power to compare sales from several booking agents and enables you to set alert when the prices drops. This engine also allows you to book and pay your flight tickets easier than before.



It might be surprisingly to list UBER here, but you need to know this App has many users and is available in all major cities in almost all countries. With an option to pay using your Bank Cards meaning you would not even need local currency to travel within a new city with an UBER. It is also most convenient and cheap way to get around.


5. Viator

A number one saler of activites and local programs such as City Tours. You do not need to stay in door if you are worried to discover a town or city on your own. Use viator to get local guides and go out have funny as they show you new attractions and places.

google translate

6. Google Translate

This app from Google gives you a power to easily move around in a new place with language you are not familiar with. It can now be lively interacted in web browsers and your smartphone. Also features voice translation which make it a funny way of understading converastions. Now they offer language packs making this app to run even without network. Speak, snap, write, or type anything in one of the app’s 103 supported languages, and the app will instantly translate to your preferred language. Snapping is the particularly helpful feature, as the app uses your phone’s camera for an augmented reality translation that works wonders when trying to make sense of menus, signs, and even magazines or books. It’s like having a personal interpreter in your pocket, especially as it supports offline use.


7. XE Currency

A simple app to help you understand the currency exchange with minute updates on rates. A must for anyone travelling abroad, whether for a weekend trip or an extended stay. This free app tracks live currency markets across the world to provide you with accurate up-to-the-minute conversion tables.


8. Instagram

Whether you’re sharing photos from your travels to keep family and friends updated, or just bragging that you totally swam in the same Moroccan riad pool as your favourite “influencer”, Instagram is a must for travellers. The newest update allows you to save images to private collections, like Pinterest, making it much easier to find the name and location of destination photos that have had you daydreaming. Before you post, however, do consider cultural etiquette of the destination. Your naked selfies may bring in the “likes,” but they could also land you in jail.

Google Maps

9. Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation. For travelers is a key app you need, it has a voice system to help navigate.


10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has more than a billion users, and it’s highly likely you’ll run into someone abroad that uses the service. Chances are they don’t use SMS, unlike the U.S. Having the app installed before heading on your trip can be useful in case you make new friends and need a quick way to chat with them. It’s also an easy way to keep in touch with people back home. You’ll still need a data connection or Wi-Fi to be able to send messages.

Selfie Moment for instagram, LOL at Mnemba Atoll in Zanzibar Island, Tanzania.

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