You Should Do It, “The Swid’s Style”

From Facebook Friend Request To Perfect Blend of thoughts, altitudes, vision and well professionalism to execute beautiful tour guiding experience – that was my way of opening up.

January this year I started to do travel, later in February I visited Zanzibar for the first time and boom I was called to write about it and before I know I became a tour guide. I have to acknowledge my friend Richaela who gave me this idea last year after we visited Bagamoyo Town Together.

Mr. Swid Barak is phenomenon guy, and very open and understanding. The greatest part was his way of addressing things and explain what he truly want as first time experience for his beautiful gorgeous wife – am allowed to say it not you!

It was Sunday Afternoon and I was attending a celebration, I got call from Mr. Barak then to meet him and his wife in Zanzibar. So I quickly decide to meet him at any cost, board the last ferry from Dar es salaam, took private vehicle to the hotel. The discussion went smoothly and we agreed to do couple Excursions together.

First Day

Day 1 Tour Program for Mr. Barak Swid with a confirmed Itinerary and whole plan.

07:30AM Pick Up
08:00AM Starting Mnemba Half Day Tour for 4 Tour
12:00PM Heading to Sofia Seaview Restaurant for Lunch (You will pay your own)
12:45PM Lunch Break
13:45PM Trip to Aquarium
14:30PM Aquarium for 2 and Half Hours.
17:00PM Return To Melia
17:45PM Arriving at Melia Zanzibar.

Price XXX$
1. All Entrance Fees
2. Equipments
3. Guide Fees
4. Fresh Tropical Fruits
5. Bottled Water
6. Transport

Remember to carry your swimming clothes if any you prefer as well as towels, you can also bring your own body lotion to apply after swimming.

Please let me know the size of your feet if you know them.

Thank You,
Looking Forward For Nice Trip Together

Augustine Rutasingwa
Tanzania Travel Diary

Above was the itinerary we had, I believe we can use the same for you as well, sorry for business reason I can not disclose any figure of expenses.

Remarks Of The Day: We were not able to see Dolphins, but we were able to swim with them. Waking up at such time, we came to cluster of more than twenty beautiful dolphins at Mnemba. Later we did snorkeling, saw a lot of biodiversity. The stop at sundbank as well and many interesting things. Later we visited the Fukuchani Aquarium and Zoo; learnt their conservation story as well as saw animals such as Young Waterbucks.

Second Day

Day 2 Program – Blue Tour at Menai Bay Full Day Program Confirmed for Mr. Barak Swid.

Tuesday – October 9th
07:30AM Pick Up
09:00AM Arriving at Fumba and starting a Full day Safari Blue with Lunch.
16:30PM Going to Stone Town
17:00PM Short Stone Town Tour and Visiting the famous Forodhani Food Market.
18:00PM Going Back to Melia
19:00PM Arriving at Melia

Price XXX$
1. All entrance fees
2. Equipments
3. Guide Fees
4. Lunch
5. Fresh Tropical Fruits
6. Bottled Water
7. Transport

Then For Jet Ski
Price is XX$ For 30 Minutes

So Total is XXX$

Remarks Of The Day: The tour was done with my usual company run by Eleanor Griplas, the Original Safari Blue from 1996 check out

This was how Mr. Swid did it with us. Partly am happy as we work together, my brother Natty, Our Driver Mr. Muddy aka John Terry well now is Muddy Khamudi, if you need TAXI call him on +255777773047 and you will get best price.

Enjoy these pictures below;


More pictures will be added later! Especially the Dolphins’ One.

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