30 Hours In Magoroto, Camping Around The Lake – The Thirsty Travellers.

It continues from 80+ On Road, Unzipping Bagamoyo and Magoroto.

…so we did camp in Bagamoyo and had Bonfire, that’s not the best part. We took off, yes we did! Ain’t Flying, I meant we woke early and soaked into water cold like… I have no idea what am writing – long story short ” we woke up and started a journey to Magoroto from Bagamoyo as usual 3 Coaster Buses full packed” We left Bagamoyo 5:00AM and made to Magoroto around 11:30AM. A 6 Hours long Journey.

Along the road we enjoyed the landscape, the parts in villages besides the main road are beautiful.

The Magoroto Estate covers more than 3000 Hectors a region of couple mountain tops. At the most highest point there is a Man made lake by Germans from 1890s. The lake water since then is coming from several springs from the mountains and drain into the beautiful lake. The lake water is mineral and soft, swimming is the best part to try – also a boat paddling and kayaking. Now the forest is owned by Tanga Sisal Company who used to run the place as spice farm cultivating Cloves, Ginger, Cardamon to mention few. There are thousands of Palm trees around.

Since January 2018 a camping resort has been added. It offers the best escape to daily stresses.

Around the lake there is no any cellular network, it might save as rehabilitation for addicted smartphone users. I love how sweet the air is, the vegetation offers a great deal of wealthy air to breath. See the price rate card below.

Now after we arrived at the old factory, we drove to the lake camping area. Hardly believe it was clean, the don’t litter posters serve the purpose. And after we all got our tents, we started jumping into the lake… Sorry we had breakfast, I know some would wonder if we had no food – we did but not important to be part of story to break it down, food was fresh prepared and tasty.

I loved the chicken, the vegetables and more. As it gets darker more games started to pop up, the drinking games took over. We had the greatest time of our adventure, imagine eating, swimming, drinking and repeat the circle. Later the grill was set to fire, nothing is great as liquor with ribs. We spent time knowing each other, especially the newbies. Well for couples probably they had awesome honeymoon even if they are not married. Don’t get me wrong but jelaousy was way up, sex inside a tent beside a lake – this should be your ultimate goal and Magoroto will prove worth it so take her here or him, I know some girls are bossy.

Girls love pictures, we all know that. The lake was a perfect place to put photographers’ lenses into work. And for us Chinese brand users, we didn’t hid back. I popped up my infinix and shot couple pictures as well. For the sake of time, this story don’t deserve high end pictures so I publish it anyway. Will share more images on our Instagram @traveldiarytz be sure you are following us.

I forgot to tell about time, not important as well. We spent a total of 30 hours. The first day ended on bonfire as well and this time we had the mixture I call liquor X ribs – The barbeque!! I remember back in 2015 in South Africa had similar occasion and they call it Braai Night. Then it was in Kimberley, Northen Cape – South Africa.

Back to Magoroto; the night fell and more drunker we get. The kciker, I wasn’t drunk, I remained sober.
Next morning, we woke up to hot shower as usual. Thanks to Magoroto Management, they kept gas stove outside the bathroom and for some they managed to had shower. Later breakfast, meanwhile few with guts went swimming.

Special thing was a hike we did. We hiked a trail to Kwamng’ongo View point. We went through villages. The local we’re awesome, they offered fruits for free, later on our way back we stopped fora soccer match, did a little fundraising for their football team. We end draw, 2-2 and was amazing experience. Some girls went singing and dance with locals; so cheerful.

We spent a total of 4 hours.
We came straight back, started with dinner and packed our belongings. We left Magoroto at 17:00HRS and these were 30 hours worth a trip. Thanks to all economy bus members, the Unzip Community, the Organizer and the staff at Magoroto.

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