80+ On Road, Unzipping Bagamoyo And Magoroto – The Thirsty Travellers

There is a saying, “Tourists don’t know where they have been and travelers don’t know where they are going” this is all true as am joining Unzip Tanzania for the first time. I am proud to be among the 80s vibrants who have the depth thristy to unzip the rest of Tanzania and share it with the world…

So today, this Friday 28th September 2018 we clustered at Mlimani City ground to start the three consecutive days to unzip Bagamoyo and Magoroto.

As I was waiting at Grano Coffee, no reason why I came first and then was joined by Nassir and Susan. These creatures were part of Economy bus – well you will understand later. So we sat down and did small talk until when Susan asked for our poisons. And in few minutes we found ourselves rolling the cart full of bozies. From beer to spirits, it was funny doing the shopping. Did we not pay for food? Yes we did, so it’s important to keep the alcohol vibe one.

As sun sat down more people floaked into the Parking lots of Mlimani City Mall. We had 3 buses filled with these – thristy travelers. The funnies of them all was ours well the economy. We had the bozies to get everyone tipsy and twisted. So after we entered the bus, we popped up Champagne and well our Waitress “Susan” broke Rose Wine seal. So we slowly started to get hyperpolarized. And then Jimmy served the Jack Daniels, I love Jack… We were on fire.

Anyway, the thristy was on top notch, guess I was just hungry and the stop at Habpap worthed it. The wakanda mix was well lit.

The mixture of millet, groundnuts, peanut butter and margarines. The tastey was yeeeeearh! Well and healthy, but then didn’t want to get all full – had to leave empty space for Smirnoff Vodka. It wasn’t me, but this was all our minds…

The first leg for today was a trip to bonfire in Bagamoyo at Bagamoyo Courtyard Club, ain’t sure well I was drunk enough not to mind the details. The food was hot and amazing, especially the salad. Later we went to the beach for bonfire and dances. We played and vibed on local sounds so some screamed I didn’t… Well no hard feeling, I enjoy the Truth and Dare game… So I saw people doing shits I didn’t anticipate.

Am sleepy for sure, and you don’t believe since am beside the hotty Rehema and I can’t do shit.

Let me take a nap, this continues for the next two more days. Thanks for the reading.

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