Visiting Dar Es Salaam And Bagamoyo After 45 Years! Family Day Tour.

Dar Es Salaam Streets In 1970s. Copy right to Google Images

The day started with a bucket of water spilling from the skies raining. As the new town established already with massive constructions since the early 2000s I and Mr. Junior we drove to Alexandar’s Hotel in Masaki Suburb wondering how will this family look like. So I was in touch with a charming daughter Sarah, whom I thought she is my age and probably I would ask her out – LoL. Well that doesn’t matter now as Maasai in North proposed to pay 20 Bull Cows for her – I can not fight that.

Sarah told me before that her father worked at the British Council in 1973s for the last time before left Tanzania at that time we were in Depressions of economy. Now as I approach the gate, am imagining a very old stick carrying Grey Grey Hairs kind of people. I was thinking, what if they would walk like snails? No offense Mr. Jones.

Into My Face, was surprised to meet this wonderful family. Mr Alan Jones who used to work in Dar es salaam is not looking old although is 77 years old now. He looks energetic and well could not see Grey old hairs – do European have white old hairs? I do not know.

From Left: Mrs. Hillary, Mr. Alan and Sarah Jones at British Council.

As we drove out of Masaki through oysterbay I could see the excitement of Mr. Alan, he started telling us all the stories. We could not find where he used to live though it was near Old Oysterbay Hotel of which the neighborhood now has new buildings and looks different. So we head now to visit the British Council.

On the way we drop off at Kivukoni Fish Market and spend time there, well doing nothing rather than feel the warmth of local busy making pan cakes and eating fresh fish soup. Can you believe the excitement when we started discussing the name Kivukoni, at that time the place was so small and covered with plantations. Now it is a busy suburb and important market in the city. The fact that we could not taste any fish as we were full with heavy breakfast – next time anyone joining my tours do not have breakfast lets eat local.

Anyway we walked the sea front seeing the old house and when we passed the High Court. Not sure if this excites you but well, so as we approaching the British Council I could see Mr. Alan trying to fast speed and went in front of us as he recognize the Balcony he used to sit for coffee. It worth a while there. Later we went to Kariakoo Market and stopped at Askari Monument.

I guess am getting tied to write all about the day, so I have these couple pictures for you. I am sure you will be amazed of the acts and probably you would recommend someone as well to join me or book my tours. Later we visited Bagamoyo and came back to Dar, well the traffic on the way was smooth until Kawe junction but we made it safe. The day started at 9:30AM to 18:00PM at reasonable price using private car.

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