Dar Es Salaam | One Day Itinerary

Have a long layover or extra day in Dar es Salaam? Wondering what to do to pass the time? Here’s your 1 day itinerary!

Part Of Dar Es Salaam City | From High Point

Dar es Salaam is a large bustling African city of over 5 million people. While no longer the capital of Tanzania, it is still the country’s main economic hub and major financial centre of East Africa. Despite its size, it is a friendly city, if not a bit chaotic at times.

Being your first time in Africa and precisely Tanzania, you would not be sure what to expect when you land in Dar es Salaam. Depending on your arriving time, if you have more than 8 hours to transit, or you decide spending time in Dar es salaam; some visiting for conference, meeting or any reason. Some of you would visit Dar es salaam after Safari, Mountain Trekking or perfect Sandy Beach moments from Zanzibar Island.

Now you would wonder what to do? Why not set off to explore the city on for a day. Wandering around the downtown area alone or with a City Guide you quickly feel at ease and never once feeling unsafe.

Where To Stay

There are several options on choice of accommodation, there are one night BnBs such as Safari Inn right at the City Centres, Boutique Hotels, Beach Resorts and more. I would recommend you use booking.com to get a place of your choice and budget. Read reviews of particular place before booking so suite yourself; however Tanzania is No.1 country with very welcoming people.

Day Itinerary

Depending on the number of days you will be in Tanzania it is good to find a place where you can purchase SIM Card as well as getting extra cash out of ATMs. To do so, it depends with where you are staying; ask the staff or friend to help with a location of a nearby Shopping Centre or Mall.

Just not SIM card registration is 2000TSH and you can buy a weekly subscription at 10,000TSH offered by many network providers giving you data, talks and texts. For registration only Passport is allowed and copies are not accepted, the registrar will also take a snap picture of yourself as well for verification.

Quickly on transportation around Dar es salaam read this guide here

Now you might get picked by guide from your place or you might set yourself to wonder the streets. The perfect time is 9:00AM

09:00 AM Meeting for the first part of the Tour. We will meet at New Posta Bus Stop or any agreed stop in the CBD mostly I would preferably pick you from your hotel and go starting the tour.

09:30 AM to 12:30 PM First Part of the Tour

The tour will includes the precolonial history of the city visiting the Railway station, later a stop at Old Boma “the oldest building in the city”, walk along the waterfront viewing/visiting the oldest churches in the city – Azania Front Lutheran Church and the St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral. Later a short visit to the Fish Market where we will taste fresh sea food on a short break.

On mid day we will stop at Tanzania National Museum to revisit the colonial and archaeological finding and discoveries that are preserved up to date. Later on our way to bus stop we will visit the Askari Monument, City Clock Tower, Independence Square and the glimpse of Kariakoo Market. Later we will board into Rapid Bus System to head outside CBD.

13:00 PM – 14:00 PM Lunch Break

A Lunch Break at University of Dar es Salaam, will use this time to study few things on the history of the University and why it is Famous.

14:30 PM – 17:00 PM Second Part of the Tour

A second part will feature quick stop at Mlimani City Mall, later a stop at Mwenye Woodcaving Market and then the Village Museum at Makumbusho town.

You can follow this guide alone using Google Maps, a little Wikipedia and asking locals along the way for directions. If you would like to support The Travel Diary, you can book this at 80$ full days per person. The cost can be negotiated for a group starting two people; the fun of being in Africa is to do negotiations.


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