Volunteers Needed At Changalikwa Maasai Village, Tales By Peter Jacob.


Changalikwa is the Maasai Village at the base of the Usambara Mountains in Korogwe Districts, just before climbing the Lushoto Plains. This beautiful village is now open into Cultural Tourism and Open for Volunteers. Here is a brief summary by Peter Jacob.

Peter is a Masai Morani who have been doing tourism for years in Tanzania. In 2004 he used to pick guests at Mombo Town and give them a brief introduction about Masai culture to convince them to visit his village to learn various Cultures such as dressing styles, the Masai meetings, milking and many such lives. In addition the Masai women works on various chores, the girls are taking care of young cattle. Those were few activities that he used to do until 2007.

Later he worked with a German based NGO “Scholarship for Masai Students in Tanzania” until 2016. In between these times he also worked with MEDAID AFRICA through 2015 http://www.medaidafrica.org/MedAid_Africa/Changalikwa_Clinic.html

Also hosted Peace Corps Volunteers in 2013 from United States. He partly involved with Government works under TASAF and was Secretary in village road constructions.

Currently he is making his way back to the Village after spent few months in Zanzibar Island.

The Changalikwa Village faces a great challenge in Health Services – there is a health centre but a poor service and lack of adequate professionals. The centre has no lighting, they used torches even sometimes at mid night to deliver babies. These are some stretching issues that I would love to spend all my energy into.

Those are few of many other things including the infrastructures, education and much more.

He is getting back into cultural tourism believing as many visitors go back there they might feel a need to do more and give back into the community. He therefore believe in providing opportunities to Volunteers to stay at his village as well as other guests to come there and do cultural tours with him.


For anyone interested kindly write to him on
peterjacob32@hotmail.com or WhatsApp him on +255784645502

Written By
Augustine Rutasingwa
Tanzania Travel Diary.

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