[Video] – Safari Blue Experience, Zanzibar Island.

I enjoyed a ride from a supply truck since I had no transport to get to Fumba Village. I was picked by Capt. Khamis, a very friendly “Babu” whom started this company with Eleanor 22 years ago and they have been working together for the past 30 years. He has full knowledge of the Island, we chatted few things on the way. Later at Fumba, we were joined by 30+ guests and we were divided into three Mahogany made vessels; Suninga, Lydia and I was inside Kikale. Inside my vessel there 6 crew men including two super experienced divers and swimmer. One is nicknamed “The Whale” the other was Mr. Bakari aka Capt. Nyerere and he was my instructor. Later whole snorkeling, Mr. Bakari couldn’t keep shy and silent of all good things that Eleanor does such as helping children around Fumba Village pay for Tuition Fees, Affordable Loans to the Crew and more and vacation trip they do every year together. This experience was so great, too bad I don’t know much of the fish but I saw bunch of them, army grey long fishes, small gold, medium stripped golden yellow, black blue and other. I can mention them by colors. This was around Kwale Island. At mid day we hangout at Funguni Sandbank. And we drove around to mangrove natural swimming pool. Later a lunch stop at the main Kwale Island beach. We had sea foods with Lobster and many other fishes. Well all Chickens, Beer, Soda, Water, and more. The tropical fruits were served. Don’t forget coconut milk while on board vessel and groundnuts. At dawn we sailed by wind, on our way back to Fumba we saw Dolphins though they were shy and ran away several times. I would recommend everyone to try Blue Safari while in Zanzibar and in special way with Safari Blue Zanzibar, the only company with a color full lunch tent. Thanks For The Experience. This Trip Was Part of Travel Diary Contact me to arrange your experiences in Tanzania. I do safari, city tours and more. https://traveldiarytz.wordpress.com/

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