House of Wonders (Beit-el-Ajaib) To Return To Her Form Glory!

Few Days Ago, I made a visit to Zanzibar Island as part of my travel series and covering the unheard stories yet. So I popped into a construction site of the Beit El Ajaib “House of Wonders”

This famous building on the Unguja Waterfront was the first tallest building on the Island and additionally the first building along the East African Coast to had Electricity and an electrical powered Elevator.

Today I took a personal 2 hours visit to the site and get few additional information. The fascinating story is a confirmation from workers that the work has started and the work might take two years but it worth a waiting.

Mean while all the artifacts are now being prepared to be moved to a nearby building “The Orphanage Centre” in Swahili “Nyumba Ya Yatima” which is 100 meters from the Wonders House. This building is right next to the Old Fort and has a road passing underneath, it is the same one housing the Moonson Restaurant.

The new site for the artifacts is expected to be done and opened next month during the Zanzibar International Film Festival and the start of high tourists month/period. The new site has already being rewired, and there is a an electricity power. They are now finishing the interior and be done in few weeks.

These works are being founded by the Oman Sultanate the former rulers of the Island before the British.

Be sure you tell everyone about this and visit the Orphanage Centre after Old Fort to see the Beit El Ajaib Artifacts as we wait for the return of her Former Glory.

See all pictures here

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