Tanzania Packing List-What Do You Need?

Augustine Rutasingwa, Travel Blogger and Private Tour Guide

It is summer time and people are now thinking on a best place to spend their Holiday. Well undoubtedly; Tanzania still stands as a must visit place and not for our Amazing world heritages such as Oldupai Gorge and Stone Town but more of our friendly hospitality.

We would wow you and left you jaw paralyses for laughter and amazing friendliness. While working in our streets children will keep saying Jambo and smile, and elders will bump you with questions such as; “How are you?, How may I help you?”

Now it seems as such time to help you with few things that are so important for you. Here are the essential things to pack when embarking onto trip to Tanzania whether for Safari or Beach Holiday or for a perfect holiday vacations; well and for volunteerism as well.

Beach shores of the Bagamoyo Town, an Old Germany HQ.



The important part of traveling is to always change the weather. When coming to Tanzania it is important that you research which months you are coming, briefly the Periods from December to February have little shower rains and heavy rains are mostly any time between late April to early July. However being in the tropical regions we still maintaining enough Sun to make you loose and feel the hot scorching warmth of the sun.

Well at this place for those coming for trekking or hiking I recommend you brought a well sturdy shoes to get you through anything. If you are considering visiting at Rain seasons it is importantly you have good shoes if you are into trekking. Well a pair of sandals are essential anywhere especially when you want to give your feet a breathing moment.

Loose and Light shirts are necessary when you are coming during hot season or throughout the year. On day time the temperature may rise to 31C degrees. At this time you do not need heavy clothes to minimize the heat. You can also consider walking out of day to places and for the weather I recommend you have tone of loose shirts. At time for beach lovers a Sarong is a must; Sarongs are great for just about anything – covering up at the beach, drying off after a shower, or just looking cute as a skirt.

Additionally consider long pants. They are helpful mostly especially for insects bites. Well when you go to safari there are reported Tsetse incidences and other insects’ bites. These pants with socks acts as first barrier to any bite. And finally you can have a buff, sunglasses and hiking parts as well.

Locals and Tourists at Stone Town in Zanzibar Island.


You do not want to be loosed cut from communications with your family or friends, etc. So be sure you come along with your electronics devices. For some chances need to have universal adapters on standard three ways for recharging your devices.

Many come for Safari, so you would not want to miss cool shot of a Big Five. Try to invest into a good quality DSLR Camera or something similar for amazing shots. At the moment drones and other UMVs are not allowed especially into the national parks. In some cities also you need to register to use drones and be allowed, sometimes by applying to the General Secretary of the Tanzania National Parks-TANAPA.

The King Lion “Simba” spotted in Serengeti National Park by LeSafi Adventures.


Tanzania is still on prevalence of several diseases including Malaria. Despite the fact that there are medical assistance in the country to have peace of mind be sure to have had Malaria Vaccination and other tropical diseases vaccinations and being take care for;

Diarrhea Medicine
Aspirin or Ibuprofen
Antiseptic cream
Calamine Lotion
Mosquito repellant: Can also be found at any supermarket in Africa.

If you forget a medicine at home, don’t panic! Pharmacies are located in many of the towns and cities around the continent


  • Be sure to note what time of year you are traveling to Africa. The rainy season in Southern Africa varies greatly from the rainy season in Eastern Africa. If you are traveling during the rainy season a rain jacket is essential.
  • I like traveling to Africa with polyester clothing since it dries fast and doesn’t stain easily.
  • Just because it’s Africa doesn’t mean you should toss style out the window. I would recommend packing at least one dress or skirt for nice occasions. Here’s a women’s safari clothing guide with stylish options. 
  • Dark shades of blue attract the dreaded tsetse fly, which is found throughout parts of Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other general pockets of Africa. So it’s best to try and avoid this color.
  • You’ll be able to find local clothing in many villages off the side of the road. Big cities are your best bet for Western-style clothing.
  • You’ll always be able to find local women who will wash your clothing for you. For a small fee they will hand wash, hang dry, and many times iron your clothing for an affordable price. Plus it’s a job and a way for locals to support their families so I highly recommend seeking them out. I typically just asked wherever I was staying for recommendations.
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Highest Free Standing Mountain in Africa.

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