Couchsurfing Opens New World Of Travelers To Me!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 23.06.14

Back in March during rehearsals for @tedxoysterbay I was introduced to amazing community of travelers, surfers and people in @couchsurfing by @mangenajr and I was really sucked into it. This site give an opportunity to exchange culture and meet wonderful people around the world. Since then I have hosted people from Romania, Kenya and France. Over this time, am happy for the minds I met.

Yesterday was honored to have Elsa and Maarie @__maarie_ These awesome adventurous #frenchgirls where absolute perfect guest and first female guest to have hosted/ I loved how flexible they were, and their surge to learn. They have traveled into South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi and Tanzania.

While in Tanzania they were able to do a safari into Northern Circuit, also traveled south to Mbeya and Iringa. They visited the Isimila Stone Age Ruins/Site.

Well shortly one of the best memory for them was today’s traffics jam when I was seeing them off. We spent nearly 2hours stuck in traffic at Mandela Road. I hope this is a challenge for them to come back in 3 years after the Flyover Construction is done.!!! If you are wondering how to explore like Elsa and Marie ask me in DM or Call from the Bio, You can also read my blog!!! May 2018.

My name on couchsurfing is Augustine Rutasingwa, you can also contact from this webpage as well. I am always there to help anyway possible.


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