Transport Options While In Tanzania.

Well I woke up at 08:00AM and I want to run quick to the Harbor to catch my Ferry to Zanzibar at 09:00AM. Its already seems impossible, now am getting all frustrated and wondering why did I stayed late yesterday night -Anonymous

Those can also be your words when you realize you are late to be somewhere in the city.

For travellers, I would like to introduce you to cheaper and safer ways to move. If you are in Tanzania, in any town or city wouldn’t be hard for you to see motorcyclists “famous Bodaboda” or the other ones while tricycles “Bajaj”

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In Dar es salaam sometimes it get very challenging to move, the city is timely get into traffic jams. The use of motorcyclist is recommended for its safe and easy to move quicker.

However; when boarding a bodaboda at any stop around a street corner I would recommend to look for well groomed drivers. A smart driver will be respectful and helpful at times. You need driver who understand traffic rules; consider someone who has helmet for himself and you and wear shows as well with long trousers.

These recommendations applies to tricycles. Today the need of immediate transport in cities in Tanzania has led many social entrepreneurs to come with new ideas. There are app in Play Store and App Store as well offering instant Bajaj and Bodaboda as well as Car taxi.

Consider an app like “FastaFasta”.

FastaFasta app is the easiest and fastest way to book online a Taxi, Bodaboda and Bajaji (Rental Bike) in the Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma, Tanga, Musoma, Mtwara, Tunduma, Handeni, Mahinga and more, FastaFasta provide best online Taxi, Bodaboda and Bajaji (Rental Bike) booking service in Tanzania. You can also book taxi in just a call at 0800780081.

Book a Taxi, bodaboda and Bajaji in just a few taps. Just download the mobile app from the link given below and start booking. You only need to put in your destination (E.g. Home, Office, Airport, Railway station or your current location) on the map provided with the app, and select the service that you want to use. The nearest bodaboda or taxi will come to you Fasta Fasta!

Now you can book and ride the cheapest Taxi in Tanzania from Ola taxi, Uber taxi, Liftago Taxi, Volocab, Tanzania Taxi etc all at FastaFasta app!


For anyone traveling or in Tanzania already, I recommend they be flexible in choosing transport options for there are number of them.

For a city like Dar es salaam, the Government has built a rapid bus transport system which is much safer and high recommended. The new Transit that serves more than 160,000 people a day earns Dar es salaam 2018 Sustainable Transit Award.


Either way in concluding this article, I personally believe that transportation also is a Tourism attraction. In dar es salaam you can experience all of options from Bodaboda to local Daladala “Mini Buses”


And well if all these are hard option, there is UBER in Tanzania. Get the app and Enjoy


-Words By Augustine Rutasingwa

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