10 Facts About Dar Es Salaam You Didn’t Know.

  1. In 1700s the coast was inhabited with Portuguese
  2. The local dwellers “Zaramo” where migrants from inland Tanganyika who flee war from Ngoni and Kamba. The world Zaramo means “To Move”

  3. Sultan Majid Bin Said Started Building the Town in 1865 with construction of his palace as well as “Old Boma” which served as guest house for his guests.

  1. The name Dar es salaam is was derived from Arab meaning “A Peaceful House”
  • Dar es salaam is the largest Swahili speaking city in the World

  • During the fight for independence in Southern Africa, Dar es salaam was used as HQ for FRELIMO and ANC Political Parties for Mozambique and South Africa respectively.

    1. After The Late Mwl. Nyerere supported Malcolm X to pass a statement against Racial Segregation during OAU Summit in 1964, Malcolm X visited Tanzania in very same year. This was month before he was assassinated.
  • Dar es salaam became city in December 11th 1962. The original clock tower stands to this Day.

  • The Askari Monument of 1927 after World War I which honors soldier who fought along the British Carrier Corps is among other British Askari monuments; Nairobi and Mombasa.

  • Lastly you probably know this, Dar es salaam is the National Economy powerhouse.

  • -Written By Augustine Rutasingwa, Images ©GoogleImages and Myself.

    2 thoughts on “10 Facts About Dar Es Salaam You Didn’t Know.

    1. Jovin that’s something I have to explore more on Malcom X Assassination. But you should understand in the past it as hard for “Negro” to live in United States, many were killed. In the list you can add Martin Luther as well.


    2. I like the fact that late mwl Nyerere fought racism, it means a lot till now, but why was Malcolm X assassinated?


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