No Dar Es Salaam Tour Without Askari Monument Visit!

On the last weekend I had honor to take Sophia and her friends for Dar es salaam City Tour.

Ferry delayed and we had to start late. But thanks for a sunny wave weather in Dar es salaam, we did not sweat at all.

Was great to do this with my friend Edah. Around 11:20AM we picked Sophia, Lea and Annka from the Ferry Office in Dar es salaam. We start tour right away.

We walked to to Safari Inn where they unpacked before we started to walk the streets.

Our first stop was at Mnazi Mmoja Grounds, a famous historical place only few recognize it. This place marks the Independence of Tanganyika in 1961. On these grounds The Late. Mwalimu Nyerere presented the Act of Independence and to this day there is a monument built to remember the occasion for future Generation.

We later walked on Water Front and later entered the museum.

The most Important part was stopping at Askari Monument on Our Way to the Museum.

The Askari Monument in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a memorial to the askari soldiers who fought in the British Carrier Corps in World War I. It was unveiled in 1927.

The main feature of the monument is “The Askari”, a bronze statue of a soldier. The soldier has a rifle with a bayonet pointed towards the Dar es Salaam harbour.

In the place where the Askari Monument is located, there used to be another statue, namely that of German explorer and army Major Hermann von Wissmann, governor of German East Africa in the late 19th century. This former statue, unveiled in 1911, represented Wissmann standing, one hand on his hip and one on his sword, looking towards the harbour; at his feet, an African soldier covering a dead lion with a German flag. When the British entered Dar es Salaam in 1916, they removed this statue along with those of Karl Peters and Otto von Bismarck.

Anyway To End the Day One Tour We Went For Rooftop View at Jubilee Tower. Well it was refreshing to take a look form the 21st Floor at Akemi Revolving Restaurant.

To be continued…

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